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First, I care A LOT about the safety of LEO's. Three of my closest friends and my uncle are LEO's.

I very much support companies that are taking this stand.

Let us phrase this another way...

Should the owners of firearms companies, who believe in our constitutionally protected and God-given rights, be willing to support governments who would deny those rights by providing their enforcers with weaponry to unjustly enforce unconstitutional laws against innocent citizens?

Do we care which governments (foreign or domestic) manufacturers sell weapons to, as long as those weapons are used for protecting an LEO? There are a few governments in history I would be unwilling to support. What about you?

I'm NOT saying that if an officer does something unconstitutional, that I no longer care about their safety - not at all. I'm saying that the safety of any one person or group of people is NOT more important that upholding the constitutional rights of everyone else.
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