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Do you not think that cops have to deal with the same idiots they arrest on duty while off duty? Do you not think they are at quite a bit more risk for retailiation from these guys? What about states/agencies that REQUIRE officers (by law or policy) to take action, even when "off duty", when certain actions occur in their presence?
So. An LEO is no better than me and mine. Almost anybody can come up with reasons why they should be considered special. IMHO, the only special classification is whether you are a US citizen or not. I also don't care if they are required to carry a weapon off duty. I am an officer of the court, I have passed numerous background checks, I have at least as much training as any patrol officer and have shot against SWAT officers and held my own. There is no logical reason for LEO to be considered special over me. This isn't Nazi Germany -- yet (I recently talked with a former neighbor who grew up in the 30s and 40s in Germany before immigrating to the US. He sees many parallels between 1930s Germany and today.)
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