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Pretty sure Abit is out of business these days. I've still got an old NF7S kicking around thou. I loved them back in the day.

These days my preference is ASUS, but MSI and Gigabyte are quality too. Intel boards are nice, but I typically go for AMD processors and Intel doesn't make boards for AMD sockets.

The only real difference is price and expand-ability. If you can find the smaller form factor boards to meet your needs go for it. The same north/south bridge chip will perform the same in each form factor.

My only real grip with the smaller form factors is there hardly ever seems to be much selection for power supplies and they often are typically made by companies other than the ATX power supplies and I'm never sure how much I can trust them.

That might just be my hang up though, I've very brand specific for computer parts, especially for power supplies.
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