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Originally Posted by jay1975 View Post
To ignore or belittle that difference is insulting and offensive to many of us in the military. You've worn both uniforms, but that fact seems to have escaped you.
Sorry, I missed this until Russ quoted it. You're making assumptions based on no facts that are present.

First of all, if you think I would ever insult the military as a whole, you're out of your mind. I would never say a bad thing about the military if you put a gun to my head. However, that courtesy doesn't extend individually. While there is nothing but the utmost respect for the military, that's not any defense from individual members being absolute ******s. I've known plenty in my time.

Secondly, you seem to believe that I'm only making this argument because I am or was a cop. Never have been, and never will be at this point (too old). I'd never be able to calmly deal with domestics, car accidents with kids, arresting a mom in front of a kid....

....or dealing daily with people who think they know better than you because they live life by their own definitions rather than in the same reality as everyone else.

No, I've never been a cop. I'm a civilian.
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