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Originally Posted by GlockLassie View Post
Hi all, another Glock nut here. First fell in love with them whilst living in MS. I am originally from the west of Scotland (near Glasgow) though I have spent a lot of time in the US. I now live near the Costa Del Sol in the Málaga province of Andalucía in the subtropical south of Spain.

I have been raised with guns through my dad who was an avid gun enthusiast and hunter. I continue to shoot and now bow hunt here in Spain. I also represent a hunting company in The Netherlands as their events team traveling throughout countries in Europe giving seminars and workshops to gun hunters and people who are interested in learning the art of bow hunting. I am now in the process of buying a G19 (with green)

It's nice to be here!

Take it easy

Do you know anyone in East Kilbride? I worked for a company that had a plant there. I was lucky enough to visit your home country a few times. Loved it and the people...


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