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Originally Posted by jay1975 View Post
According to the US Legal dictionary
A US Legal dictionary is not a common-use dictionary. I'm willing to bet there are plenty of terms used in that dictionary that aren't heard outside of written - not even oral - legal briefs. That doesn't make them common.

Originally Posted by jay1975 View Post
"The only argument - the ONLY argument - you've made contrary to this is that "I don't like it, so I say it's not true!""
The argument that I made earlier, that you either missed or ignored, is that under the Law of War (Geneva Conventions), there are only combatants and civilians. This is the definition that I have lived over half of my life with.
But the Geneva Conventions don't apply to ANYONE outside of the military. My Geneva Convention card expired. So, again, you're taking a specific and specialized definition and saying it's the only thing you'll accept because you WANT to.

You're still stomping your feet and throwing a fit rather than admitting that your OPINION is not the same thing as a FACT.
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