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Originally Posted by FiremanMike View Post
I read a headline that several firearm/accessory manufacturers (Olympic arms and larue included) were supposedly refusing to sell to cops in states where politicians are passing stricter gun laws.

Is this true?

Why the hell are they punishing the cops who have nothing to do with these political games?
They're not punishing the cops. It's a mix of political statement and CYA. The new law in NY was rushed through so quickly, they forgot to exempt law enforcement from it. As a manufacturer, would you ship products banned by state law, on the word of the governor saying "this law won't apply to the police"? You'd be setting your company up for future prosecution if the governor "felt like it."

Also, it's much simpler to company-wide say "we don't ship to NY anymore" than keep track of which states anyone can order your products and which only certain classes (government agencies, officers personally purchasing with departmental approval, etc.).
what guns?
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