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Warcry, I did some research of the actual legal meaning of "civilian" and your Webster quote falls short. According to the US Legal dictionary, "Civilian is a person not serving in military or a person who does not belong to a particular group or engage in a particular activity. Any activity pursued by an ordinary citizen can be called a civilian pursuit."
By this definition, nearly everyone is not a civilian. Police, doctors, unions members, Boy Scouts, etc. since these people belong to particular groups and view those not within their particular group as outsiders or "civilians".

"The only argument - the ONLY argument - you've made contrary to this is that "I don't like it, so I say it's not true!""
The argument that I made earlier, that you either missed or ignored, is that under the Law of War (Geneva Conventions), there are only combatants and civilians. This is the definition that I have lived over half of my life with.

If you would have read (or comprehended) some of my earlier posts, I have said that I admire and respect the police. I know that their job is thankless and stressful, but there is a world of difference between the military and the other citizens of the US. To ignore or belittle that difference is insulting and offensive to many of us in the military. You've worn both uniforms, but that fact seems to have escaped you.
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