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Ever "Hide" Something From Yourself??

Years ago, I was closing up the house before I went away for several months to work another project. Didn't want any punks to find my chainsaw as they could really wreck the place if they found it if somebody broke in. So I stuffed it somewhere. (Stihl FarmBoss, so no a small unit)

When I came home, I went looking for it.....couldn't remember where I put it. Not like anybody broke in, took just the saw, and tidied up afterwards......hmmmm

Took me about 10 years to stumble across it while I was re-doing some insulation in the basement to find it. I'd already bought a replacement. Had to clean the carburator, and a litle rust on the bar, but it fired up after that..

Drove me crazy, and I'd looked everywhere....or ALMOST everywhere that it could fit.

Ever hide something so good you can't find it later on??
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