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Originally Posted by Mayhem like Me View Post
You realize they are allowed to disregard traffic laws also while they are working and activate emergency lights, should car manufacturers boycott as well since you can't drive like that when you want to.
Not true, and not the same argument.

If laws were being passed that restricted gas tank size, horsepower, and "speed" features like ground effect kits, spoilers, or "performance" tires, then yes... it'd be the same argument and yes, we'd all be up in arms (hah!) over the restrictions and supporting car manufacturers that boycott state agencies in turn.

As it stands, cops can already use guns in more ways than non-LEO for their job. Everyone understands that, and encourages that. I definitely want a cop to be able to draw down on a fleeing suspect to protect his/her own life while subdoing someone. I also do NOT want non-LEO to be able to legally point a gun at me because I drove away from them in a parking lot.

You're arguing use of tools, we're arguing features and capabilities of tools.
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