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I went with the gigabyte Mini ITX and cooler master 120 mini itx case with a corsair modular power supply.

Right now my problem is going to be if I decide to keep the "old" motherboard and case or not. I have no use for a standard desktop and do much of my "work" on my television or a laptop. I hate to get rid of the case though since its only a little over a year or so old.

I have to find a way to use my old hard drives in a silent cool manner or consolidate them into two drives.

I have 3 drives and they are 1.5 tb each and 2 of them are striped so I have to figure out a way to get them onto another drive. I can delete data to make it fit onto a 1.5 tb drive but I don't think that will be enough. I may have to look to get a 3tb external drive or something...

I was thinking of the NAS idea but I'm concerned about if the motherboard dies or something I will have to find the exact same motherboard otherwise the data will be lost correct?
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