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Originally Posted by Mayhem like Me View Post
You realize they are allowed to disregard traffic laws also while they are working and activate emergency lights, should car manufacturers boycott as well since you can't drive like that when you want to.

Actually, we are NOT allowed to disregard traffic laws. We still must obey traffic laws, but sections of the traffic laws DO allow for SOME exceptions for emergency vehicles with lights and siren activated. Here in AZ for example, we are allowed to exceed the posted speed limit by 15mph and NO MORE, and can only "run" red lights and stop signs after slowing and checking to be sure that the other vehicles are "yeilding the right of way" to our emergency vehicles.

In a nutshell, we DO have follow the traffic laws, we just have a different set of laws that apply for true emergency situations.

IMHO, LaRue and Olympic have the right idea. The laws are supposed to apply EQUALLY to all. If a certain gun or magazine "belongs on the battlefield and not on the street", then LE should not be allowed any kind of "special privilege" to own it... civilian LE should be limited to the types of weapons that normal civilians can own. Period.
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