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Warcry, then enlighten me; what makes a police officer not a civilian? Do they not fall under US law? Do they not enjoy equal protection under the Constitution? Are they not subject to the draft? Yes, they are afforded certain priviledges because of their job, but so do people in other professions.

"All your crap about contracts and "can't quit" are just absolutely, 100% flat dead wrong. First of all, it's an employment contract. They're voluntary (in most cases), so don't give me any of that crap about how rough it is. And if you've served more than one term, then you volunteered REPEATEDLY. Any loss of rights you suffered were at your own choosing. It doesn't make you a martyr."
And no, the volunteering of service doesn't make one a "martyr", but it does separate the military from the civilian population.

"Yes, military members have some restrictions on things like the First Amendment. You think the police DON'T? How about "I can't discuss that, it's an ongoing investigation"? Or, more appropriate to the topic, how many law enforcement officers do you see going on the news - officers, not brass - and sharing their views on the gun control issues?"
The difference is, the police officer may be fired while the military member can be sent to prison.
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