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Originally Posted by jay1975 View Post
merlynusn, a Guardsman or Reservist is a civilian until they are on orders. The difference between a civilian and a military member is not just the aspect of being sent off to other nations to fight in war, it is about the contract and the commitment that separates the military from other civilians. Military members surrender many of their rights that civilians enjoy daily such as protection under the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments. Civilian police officers do not surrender these rights. Military members cannot quit, are subject to being moved all across the world and deploy at a moments notice. They make sacrifices that no civilian ever has to make or could understand. When the police can get deployed to war, loose their individual rights and share in all of the other sacrifices that the military does, then I will gladly change my tune, but until then, like every other non-military person, they are civilians.
You're wrong, still, on so many things, and the arrogance that you have......Not for ONE second while I wore the nations uniform did I EVER have the kind of holier-than-thou attitude you're displaying, and ESPECIALLY not in regards to my opinions of law enforcement.

All your crap about contracts and "can't quit" are just absolutely, 100% flat dead wrong. First of all, it's an employment contract. They're voluntary (in most cases), so don't give me any of that crap about how rough it is. And if you've served more than one term, then you volunteered REPEATEDLY. Any loss of rights you suffered were at your own choosing. It doesn't make you a martyr.

Yes, military members have some restrictions on things like the First Amendment. You think the police DON'T? How about "I can't discuss that, it's an ongoing investigation"? Or, more appropriate to the topic, how many law enforcement officers do you see going on the news - officers, not brass - and sharing their views on the gun control issues?

I served my time, regular army, not reserve or Guard, so please don't try to accuse me of "not getting it" or anything else that I've seen tossed out. You are displaying the same kind of attitude that a handful of police across the country have displayed throughout history: "I wear this uniform, and therefore my opinions trump yours, regardless of what anyone says." And just like those few cops, you do NOT represent everyone in the military, but you're making ALL of them look bad.

I think you've somehow gotten just about the worst case of entitlement belief I've seen in a long time. And it, frankly, pisses me off when you smear the uniform with foolishness.

To the mods, feel free to edit or remove this if I crossed a line. Just can't stand the "I'm better than you" attitudes like that.
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