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Originally Posted by jay1975 View Post
I like to rely on the wisdom of someone who has walked both paths:
So what. Many of us on this board have walked both paths too.

You never did answer the question about what you consider a National Guardsman or a Reservist. Also, what combat are you in in the US? You are a combatant when you are in combat. The Geneva Convention was designed for war, not for peacetime. I challenge you to say that what the Police/Sheriffs encountered with the Dorner shootout was not combat.

But I digress...

Everyone here needs to realize, you are on a gun board. The LEOs here are as pro-gun as you can find. Many of our colleagues are the same way. These debates over gun control are occurring in every police department across the country. Though it is not what you are thinking "he he he, we get to go confiscate all the guns now." It's more along the lines of "WTH are these morons thinking? Can you believe this ****? We need to get some people with common sense back in charge."

When you paint all LEOs with a broad brush saying they are anti-gun, you had better have verifiable facts to back it up. The truth of the matter is that we look at all the facts and make a determination. Do most of these idiotic laws have a chance of passing? No. And the ones that do stand a chance of passing are causing all of us great concern as well because we know they are wrong and will put us at a disadvantage because we WANT the citizenry armed. No one knows better than a LEO that a criminal won't follow the law.

I'll get off my soap box now.

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