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Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
You KNOW that for a fact, do you? The Chicago police SUPERINTENDENT has come out against concealed carry. Do you think that translates to the entire department?

Because the Chicago Police Sergeants have gone on record with the state legislation SUPPORTING concealed carry. And joining them in going on that record is the Chicago Police Lieutenants Association.

I would recommend checking on little, pesky things like facts and details before making such declarative statements.
April, 2011... Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police voted to support concealed carry
In so doing, the IACP joins the Chicago Police Sergeants Association, who expressed their support for Illinois HB 148, the "Family and Personal Protection Act," when it came up for a committee vote on March 8. The Illinois Sheriffs' Association has supported concealed carry since 2009. The Illinois State Police have taken a neutral stance.
Chicago Cops Come Out for Concealed Carry
Cop Talk

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