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Originally Posted by JGlocks View Post
I have been a Sig guy for a long time, finally purchased a Glock 21 gen 4 a few months ago and have been trading out my Sigs for Glocks ever since! This is a great forum as I have seen from lurking around for a bit, I decided to join and look forward to learning and sharing input.
Welcome...I am also from the 'Peoples Republik of New Jersey'. Better prepare to move to Pennsylvania. The way things are going in the NJ legislature, our guns are going to be confiscated. And since NJ is the most corrupt state in the union and completely ignores the Constitution and the Bill-of-Rights, the liberal politicians who own this state will ram through this legislation and then say to NJ gunowners "Go ahead...try and do something about it!". The entrenched politicians can do this with impunity because they know that the morons in NJ will vote them in again and again. The press is not even covering the story of NJ Senator Menendez, who is being investigated by the FBI for having sex with underage prostitutes, provided by his biggest contributor. His supporters are publically stating that it's irrelevent.
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