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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
I beg to differ and must disagree. Once upon a time I thought all I'd ever want is a Glock until I purchased my first HK. I then purchased a Sig. Needless to say, I dumped all but two of my Glocks for more Sig and HK pistols.

While I'll agree that expensive doesn't always equal better than something else, in most cases it does. For me and many others, there is a massive difference between HK and Sig, versus everything else in the production non-1911 category but hey, to each their own. If your happy with what you have, there isn't any reason to get anything else.

Evidently, my poor attempt at humor failed.

WT wrote; “Why spend big bucks for a mere 9mm pistol?”

Bac wrote; “Would you kindly explain to me exactly what in the hell you're talking about?
That sounds asinine, quite honestly”

So, I quipped, quite lamely, a sarcastic reference to the effect, if a “mere 9mm pistol” was not worth spending “big bucks” on then, WT must believe that “big buck” would only be justified on big calibers. A 500 S&W magnum is the largest caliber in handgun, that I am aware of, that is manufactured by a major company.

I agree with Bac’s statement that WT’s statement is asinine. I have fully customized Browning Hi-powers and Colt 1911’s, in 9mm, that have cost me several thousand, each., which I feel confident WT would call “big bucks”.

For all sorts of reasons, I prefer H&K, Sig, Rohrbaugh, Seecamp, etc. auto-loaders and custom handguns. I only own two Glocks (I do not care for Glocks, so my Glocks sit in a vault) and typically, I do not waste my money on any firearm that is not top quality. Being cheap is not a trait that people ever ascribe to me.

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