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Originally Posted by HWI View Post
I don't frequent many parts of this board aside from the AK forum, so I can't. In addition to that, I highly doubt there is very many anti-2nd amendment cops using a firearm enthusiast forum. We know that there have been some big PDs that have straight up come out against gun rights, Chicago PD and NYPD being the big 2.

The police do not need to be militarized to do their job. I see Sheriffs and SWAT teams with APCs and I think abuse of power and misuse of tax payer money.
Okay, have you seen the 13,000 officers of CPD all in lockstep saying they don't support the 2nd Amendment? How about the 40,000 officers of the NYPD? No, you've seen a couple high ranking puppets in each department parroting what their mayors said so they can keep their job. So before you go slinging mud against a department, do a little critical thinking on the subject.

As for SWAT teams and APCs? I'm sorry you don't agree with them, but how would YOU have handled something like the Dorner shootout with nothing more than your spiffy class A uniform and pistol? I'll defer to your tactical expertise on the subject...

OR you can admit a miracle happened, and your vocal chords moved to your rectum, cuz you're talking out your ass.
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