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Originally Posted by Andy123 View Post
1. Because they enforce them.
2. Because their political groups support them.
3. They appear for photo ops with politicians who do write the laws.
4. They should not be above the laws they enforce.
The us/them attitude is nauseating. I know more cops willing to stand up and lose their jobs over your rights than you have any idea. You don't understand what allies you have in LE, at least until you start the jackboot bull****. Cops I know have spoken out about this issue at greater risk to their jobs than any non LE I know.

As for your points:
1. I started on the job prior to the end of the last AWB. Guess how many guns w/ flash hiders I took or +10 rnd mags?? Zero. We also have an adultery law on our books. Guess how many people I've arrested for that? Don't think we are a bunch of lemmings that just shrug our shoulders and violate our oaths on a whim from some ********* politician.

2. I don't know about the big union agencies, but my political group consists of ~50 officers and a Chief with more integrity than you could find at a Boy Scout Jamboree. Everyone else can go to hell.

3. Who appears in the photo ops? The chiefs of a few of the largest cities in the country who also happen to have the worst violent crime in the country. Those puppets don't speak for all of law enforcement or even the majority of their departments. They are political figureheads who do political bidding and the state of their cities shows it.

4. We are all in the same boat together. Just because there may be a job related need to have access to something Joe on the street doesn't have or to run code through a red light on occasion doesn't put cops above anyone else. It's part of the job and a part that could make the difference between life/death for you or a loved one someday. Those things also happen to put a lot of guys at greater personal liability than you have to worry about at the office.

This attitude sounds just like the liberals who are *****ing/moaning about why anyone needs an "assault" weapon. They think gun owners will wield weapons as they themselves would and they fear the result. Too many people think all cops ride around with a Napoleon complex, sitting on a pedestal above the citizenry because if they had that "power", that's what they would do. Reality is 99% of the guys work their asses off for little or no thanks and consider their risks, sacrifices and meager pay to be worth the personal satisfaction found in serving their communities and those who cannot protect nor serve themselves.
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