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Originally Posted by Magus View Post

Trijicon does offer yellow as well.

Options to the right on that link.

Overpriced...maybe. That's a matter of perspective. Also depends where you buy them. I've found the price lower on basic Trijicons than some Ameriglo sights. Depends upon where you look. Ameriglo quality I've found to be hit or miss regardless of price.

I used to really like Meprolight for my Glocks, but have found recently that Mepro quality isn't what it once was sadly. That was my experience though recently on two different sets for one Glock and one non-Glock. A variety of issues. Your results may be different.

Went with a simple green on green set of Trijicons on my G17 recently and am very pleased.
I, too, use Mepro but no problems so far.
What issues did you have?

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