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Originally Posted by seanmac45 View Post
Aside from being grammatically a mess, your diatribe does not answer the question.

Why punish the cops who do not make the idiotic laws?
So the politically appointed hacks calling themselves cops like Gary McCarthy will have to go back to their teets and tell them they are no longer able to outgun the subjects who stand in the way of a police state.

Many cops have their heads on straight, and everyone knows this. But street guys don't usually have permission to speak publicly on political issues. So the admins who owe their jobs to powergrubbing mayors get to go on TV and make claims that the rights of citizens should be revoked and granted by internet opinion polls because that's what the mayor told them to do.

If a "weapon of war" is too dangerous for a peaceful man to use to protect his home, it certainly has NO business being wielded by those that would enforce the law upon us. This is not "screwing" with cops. It is simply a refusal to treat them as a privileged class of citizenry.

The *probability* a cop will need to use lethal force may be greater than mine, but the *severity of need* once lethal force is called for is equal for all men, regardless of who signs your paycheck. If probability was the measure by which we assign need, than cops in places like Newtown would not even be carrying guns.
The world stands in more need of justice than charity, and indeed it is the want of justice that renders charity everywhere so necessary.

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