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OK, let's take an informal poll. Out of those who think we should throw the bums out, how many vote against the incumbents in every election? I'm talking about candidates for the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, known collectively as Congress.

We don't need statutory term limits -- we have the ballot box. It's pretty much our only power against these rascals, but they nullify it by buying our votes with our money.

I suspect that too many people say, "Yeah, Congress is corrupt, but our guy got us a new manufacturing plant, so I'm going to vote to re-elect him."

Or, "Well, I don't like my party's guy, but the other guy is worse, so I'll vote to keep our guy."

The only way to get their attention is to vote out a large number of these guys, repeatedly. Even if it means putting into office someone you despise. Un-elect our Congress!

I always vote against the incumbents if they have been in for more then two terms, even if I like them. In my state and local legislatures we have a super majority, and most of them are Republicans. Many state and local officials run unopposed, how are you supposed to vote them out when nobody runs against them? I write in somebody else, but what good's that gonna do? Plenty of corruption here too. Too many people think "my party is good, it's the other guys that are the crooks." I say any CAREER politician is a crook!

The biggest problem with the Congress and Senate is the fact that OUR TWO PARTY SYSTEM IS A SHAM! What choice is there really? Would you rather have a Giant Duche, or a Turd Sandwich? We'll get ****ed over by both in the end, one party might use Vaseline and **** us more gently, but they will both **** us over.
They are both "heavily entrenched oligarchy's with a vested interest in maintaining the status quot."

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