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Originally Posted by Agent6-3/8 View Post
Pretty strict here. Class A for patrol with high gloss gear. November - February we're long sleeves and ties. October and March are optional. April - September are short sleeve only. BDUs are authorized for wear on nights.

I'm not a huge fan of the tie(would rather wear a turtle neck), but overall I like the class A uniform. I've worn various BDU and tactical stuff and personally I find the class A the most comfortable. I would like to give 5.11's "class a" PDU a try but that's a no go here. I'll never do the polo shirt look unless forced.

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Have ya'll pushed the turtle neck issue? I think they still look good and much more comfortable and practical.

Ties get in the way writing out citations and always seem to get crooked or come unclipped on the seatbelt getting in and out. Not practical for a working patrol guy.
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