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Originally Posted by jay1975 View Post
lawman800, law enforcement are civilians. When you can get deployed to some third world crap hole as a combatant who is subject to the Geneva Conventions, then I would believe otherwise. Until then, you are a civi who enforces civi law on US soil. There is a fundamental difference between the mission of law enforcement and the mission of the military. One is to keep the peace and serve the criminal justice system of the US, the other is to meet on the field of battle, engage with and kill the enemies of the nation. It is an honorable and admirable position to be in law enforcement, but it is still a civi position.
Yes, I know what the military does and what police do. What does that have to do with being a civilian? The military definition notwithstanding, your fight is with Merriam Webster. Why don't you tell them to change it?

From what I know about dictionaries, they do serious studies on words and meanings constantly to update their product to make sure they have accurate meanings to words in their products. Based on their years of experience and expertise in knowing what words mean and that they have an international reputation that is long-standing, I will take their word over yours.

Originally Posted by mntrpr View Post
You use the term civi like it is a pejorative.
We say civvies all the time when you change out of uniform.

Originally Posted by jay1975 View Post
Idiocy? Sorry pal, cops are civilians, regardless of how many sets of camouflage uniforms you may own.
Some cops own camo for duty too. Doesn't mean jack. Some military wear uniforms similar to cops, like the working khakis for navy. Don't make a difference one bit.

Originally Posted by Sharkey View Post
I think we are confusing the term citizen and civillians. We are citizens first and cops second. Cops aren't civilians (well some act like it but that is a subject for another thread).
I like using citizen... but in SoCal, that is not applicable to a lot of contacts in most of the areas I worked.

Originally Posted by Mayhem like Me View Post
Both definitions are correct depending on the audience.

BTW I have never called anyone a Civilian....I prefer Fine citizen..or mope...
Skell, knucklehead, dope, idiot, Adam Henry, etc.

Originally Posted by txleapd View Post
So, basically, you just pick the definition you like... Got it.
Nice to be able to pick and choose what facts to acknowledge, eh?

Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
So, that means that my maternal Grandmother, who grew up in a southern family, was correct when she used a certain word to refer to "African-Americans", because that was what she was taught and grew up using all her life?
Ouch. Now you are bringing logical arguments into bear? You really want to win this fight, eh?

Originally Posted by Mayhem like Me View Post
Then you would be wrong in GA and many other states they sign a 2 year contract that causes them to be responsible to repay the cost of training if they quit they cannot work in LE til the debt is paid.
Actually, LAPD was a test case in CA where they made recruits sign 5 year contracts and if they break it, they needed to pay back the cost of training. Well, a few quit and went to smaller and better paying agencies, LAPD sued, and lost.

Court's ruling here was that the 13th Amendment forbids forced labor, being akin to slavery. If someone does not want to work for you, you cannot force them to stay in the employment relationship. Now, you might be able to recoup costs if you have liquidated damages stipulated beforehand with enough specificity, but they also lost on that count. Maybe the judge just was anti-LAPD?

As for preventing them from working in LE until the debt is paid? How would you even enforce that unless POST pulls their certification until paid and I doubt that is even legal. Now an agency might use that as a consideration in hiring, but as I said, here, those guys already got jobs and didn't have to worry. Made for bad relations for a while with LAPD and that agency, but hey, it happened.

Originally Posted by CW Mock View Post
I'm coming for your guns and there is nothing you can do to stop me ...
Only if you make an appointment and wear a hat.
Originally Posted by blueiron:
I've said it before and I'll say it here: they'd look better with lividity.
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