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Originally Posted by Flying-Dutchman View Post
This could also be said of people, who prepare their entire life for retirement; who view life as a destination not a journey.

You can prepare for tough times without being a miserly Scrooge.

Do not keep your entire wealth in dollar denominated assets.

Resist being brainwashed by advertisers influencing you to buy this car, clothes or house to keep up with the Joneses.

Get off the gerbil wheel of debt.

Resist what someone else’s definition of what fun is or what retirement is.
Well said.

Additionally, Series1811, I know reality is that status quo is likely to remain generally the same. Despite that, I too began buying a little extra food on each trip to the store. Dear Lord, I am now a closet, mild, hopefully not looney, prepper.

ETA: Haven't even told my wife about that little stash... :embarrassed:
Bad decisions make good stories.

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