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Originally Posted by GunHo198 View Post

And that's why We as civilians need these weapons. The same weapons that the LEO believe that they need for self defense. I have yet had an LEO show up at the same time I was being robbed. EVER. Seems the Victim is always there first. So why should the LEO have precedence over the people when it comes to the right of self defense?

Me personally, I prefer to shoot it out, and call the cops after to cover my but. (Been barked at by a female officer, because she said if I'm the victim, then why didn't I call the cops!?..) I'm getting old. I'm tired, and I'm cranky. If I get shot, I could use the rest...
Curious, have you heard anyone in this thread say that private citizens DON'T deserve or need the weapons in question?

Heck, I'm still waiting on those posts where a LEO on this forum said he'd come for your guns and there's nothing you could do to stop him.
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