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Originally Posted by MinervaDoe View Post
The heck with the food and libations. I want to shoot the .40 Super.

I'll bring my own targets.
(Hmm ... I may have found an effective way of weaseling my way out of this heresy jam I got myself into. I smoothly RECAST my MO. I am no longer a weak-willed heretical subversive ratfink bastard who is underhandedly subverting the noble ideals of the true caliber faith. NOW I become a faithful adherent who is graciously allowing the 10-Ring faithful a modicum of variety in their inebriated 10-Ring existence (pardon my redundancy.) This sort of subtle misdirection play could solve my current predicament; I think I'll go with it.)

Would you also like to sample the 180 and 200 grain loads Doubletap is currently producing? I can arrange it.
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