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To be honest, unless you're going to leave the RDS sight on all the time at an appropriate brightness setting (how do you know what it will be?) it's more of a hindrance. Additionally, for distance shooting on something like an AK, I'd prefer to have the finer dot of a 2 MOA whereas a 4 MOA might be preferable for a HD weapon.

To continue with the Honesty Tour, I think you'd be better off buying a cantilever barrel for bear hunting and then just unscrew the HD barrel and then screw on the one with the RDS.

In terms of price, this is where your sphincter muscle needs to relax a bit because just like with optics on an AR, a quality RDS is expensive. For your purpose the Aimpoint H1 will work perfectly well and not disintegrate on a shotgun. Opticsplanet had them this past weekend for $607. Sometimes you can find it for $575.
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