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Question for me Breathern

My fellow LEO's, without getting into the political stuff that is transpiring at my Dept. A question has been raised as to our going back to hats and ties. Ties for everyone in a long sleeve shirt and or a short sleeve shirt when a jacket is worn. Hats for Supervisors at all times. We are located in the great state of Va. where the humidity has been known to get a little rough and the temp has been known to set a few records. We are a Dept of about 700-800 depending on the day. our uniform for patrol is 100% poly DARK BLUE with vests required for everyone Sgt and under to wear under their uniform. I am interesed in the uniforms of dept's around the country. I am looking for Depts that allow a more relaxed uniform for patrol NOT anything for Special units, IE bikes boats traffic sorry guys just looking for patrol. If you do not want to put it on the board PM me with the info... thanks for your help. We are trying to bring us into the modern age.. dont say it I know that would be progressive thinking and that is a dangerious thing to do in LE... thanks BULLRUNN
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