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One last thing, before handling that A1 yesterday with the 18.5 inch barrel I thought if I ever got a Mossy it would be the 590SPX. There is a member here that has one and has posted pics of it and it is one of the coolest looking shotguns I have ever seen. I really liked it. I can re-post the pics of it if you want to see it.

Now I am thinking differently. That extra 2 inches of barrel, extra length extension and other goodies on that SPX makes me think it would be much heavier than what I would like. Does the weight of the 9 shot versions hinder any of you guys that own them? Just curious about that. I like the 18.5 inch version now.

I would love to get one and then take a shotgun class to learn the ins and outs of proper handling of a HD shotgun. One of those entire weekend classes where you shoot a few hundred rounds is what I would like. Anyone else take a course like that and if so, did you like it and would you recommend one?

Thanks again.

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