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Originally Posted by Restless28 View Post
This has been a great thread. Even though I sometimes disagree with DevilDog, I do not here. It's refreshing to see some semblance of optimism here, especially since it is based on facts.

As far as the inflation thing, that is my fear. It is the greatest threat to individual wealth. I assume its almost inevitable that its coming, but I agree with DevilDog, it won't be like Zimbabwe or the Weinmar Republic.
On a personal level, there is more opportunity than ever. It is an exciting time to be alive.

But the numbers do not lie and as Atlas put it, the “magic” of compound interest is upon us.

It will end better than Zimbabwe but worse that the Weimar Republic; well maybe not as the Weimar Republic officially ended in 1945 with millions dead and the cities a pile of rubble.
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