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Originally Posted by Z71bill View Post

We currently collect about $2.75 trillion - and spend about $3.75 trillion.

Consider cutting $85 billion (sequester) is seen as an absolute disaster - TEOTWAWKI by many - imagine a $1 trillion cut.

Post office will shut down - many hospitals would close (medicare payments would stop) - welfare checks - not today - anyone with a government contract would stop work - many school systems depend on the federal money to make teacher payroll - airports would shut down -
Why can private enterprise cut back and operate with reduced revenue yet the Government always threatens a complete shut down?

The Government needs to apply triage to the budget.

There is as pecking order as to the importance of programs.

On another forum, someone was bragging about making $120k as a park ranger with high seniority rangers making $200K+.

Many Government jobs do not add value to the economy and need to be eliminated.
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