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Originally Posted by dcc12 View Post
While it would be nice to not be as worried about clothing selection, I would probably continue to carry concealed.
How do you dress when you CC? What would change if OC was possible?

The biggest difference for me is the shirt gets tucked in.

When I CC in warm weather I wear banded bottom polo shirts and carry IWB. The shirt bottom rests on my hip level and blouses a bit at the waist breaking up any outline of the grip.

When I OC, the carry is either IWB, or OWB in a retention holster with the shirt tucked in.
Originally Posted by dcc12 View Post
I think open carry would just present retention problems with kids/nuts attempting take guns, and also presents a shoot the guy with the gun first situations.
My granddaughter addressed that this past weekend. She traveled home by bus from college in Northern Virginia. I asked how things were going using the Metro and other public transportation. She said it was fine, that she just walks her "Don't even try messing with me" walk. "When I look like I am capable and confident, they get the idea I will not be a willing victim."

The same applies to gun grabs. If you look like that would be the last thing you'd allow to happen, you win without conflict. If you look unsure, uncommitted, if you look like a victim waiting to be had, then you'll have to fight.

Has it happened? Yep, a few guys have reported grabs. A couple more reported attempts. There is one case in Richmond, Virginia at a BP station where the OCer was killed with his own gun.

I do not believe there is any other report of an OCer being killed as a consequence of OCing.

Originally Posted by kenpoprofessor View Post
You know, I wonder how people who think like you can get through life without handwringing on something like this?

If it isn't for you, then it isn't for you, much like smoking, driving, golfing, motorcycling, whatever. You guys are as bad as DemocRATS.
That, sir, is an inappropriate, unwarranted personal attack.

Had you just said, "If it isn't for you, then it isn't for you," all would be good.

Carrying for self defense requires many very personal decisions. What is good and right for one person may be deadly wrong for another.
Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die, that the protected will never know.

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