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The price is good if compared to Amazon/Ebay for same/similar item.

The sodium content will be high in many of the items. Not as high as I've seen in some other brands, but still very high. Long term it would not be the healthiest choice i.e. you're eating nothing but this every day for the next three months. However, if it was managed into a diet of other stuff i.e. fruits, veggies, oatmeal, powdered eggs etc then you could probably manage it without a problem IF sodium isn't an issue for you. For many people, of all ages, too much sodium is an issue and often a serious issue.

It can be a part of a prep package but should not be the prep package.

I like to store good ole fashioned oatmeal. A LOT of bang for the buck as I get 30 servings for less than $3. I like powdered eggs as a value and source of protein. I like storing tuna and pasta as well. All these things have a great shelf life. Sardines is another option.

And as mentioned, what is the water prep plan? More important that the food prep plan. Do you have access to non-grid water? If so, do you have several ways to disinfect it? Don't rely on just one. With a proper plan you could distill salt water easily with common household items...if you simply know how.
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