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I may have dealt a setback to my continuing transition to full 10-Ring credentialed membership this last weekend, with a dalliance with a variation of the despised F-caliber. Permit me to explain.

As some may know, and possibly even CARE, I had obtained a 21 upper half to drop onto one of my stable of 20s, as part of my miserably pathetic attempt to deplete my stock of old slow 45acp ammo. Well, over the weekend, in a moment of weakness, I acquired a 40-Super conversion barrel, along with a useable stock of DoubleTap 135gr ammo, to drop into that 21 upper.

My heresy with even a vaguely respectable variant of a lesser caliber will, ot course, warrant convening some level of plenipotentiary tribunal to pass judgment on my conduct. Since I am demonstrably the culprit in this heinous action, the Dungeon will assume ALL costs of the logistics of the partying associated with said tribunal.

Get your food and libation requests in.
Samurai Rabbi

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