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Originally Posted by Smidgen View Post
Other than availability right now or perhaps if you want less than 1k - why would you buy these? Essentailly $0.106 per bullet including the $3 shipping for Powerbonds plated vs 0.085 for precisions fmj in terms of 115gr 9mm at least. Not a major cost difference but wondering why you'd pay more for Powerbond if availability were not an issue.
You just listed the reasons why you would buy them: availability, quantity. Plus if you need a bullet without exposed lead, then these fit that bill. Until very recently, they weren't more expensive. That is a new development. Their prices just went up, and they now charge shipping. Who knows if they will come back down after things settle down.

I have taken advantage of a group buys at my club so costs are a ways better than PD. It doesn't take a very large order to get a pretty good discount. Granted, I don't know where he would be in today's high-demand environment.
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