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Originally Posted by Deaf Smith View Post
Personally I've always frowned on open carry due to gun snatches. Most civilian holsters can't take a gun snatch. The holster will fly apart and has no way to keep a determined person from ripping out right out of the holster.

BUT... I now see some wisdom in OC! See there are lots of liberals from other states coming here to TEXAS to take jobs. They bring their liberal ideas and liberal votes with them.

So maybe if someone OCs into the local Stop-n-Rob like Val Kilmer in Tombstone they would see those two ivory handled six shooters and freak out back to their liberal state.

Now wouldn't that be something!

A gun snatch is one of those things people like to bring up about OC that they can never cite one instance of it happening. You have to have situational awareness, if you dont know whats going on around you then having a gun will be useless regardless of how you are carrying it.
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