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Originally Posted by indoorplant View Post
California’s Second District Court of Appeal said on Tuesday , could move forward with his lawsuit again gun manufacturer Glock.

Enrique Chavez’s lawsuit claimed that the Glock 21 had a light trigger and lacked a grip saftey, both of which could have prevented the shooting.

the court found that a grip safety “would minimize the risk of accidental discharge without undermining performance.”

In 2006, Chavez’s son accidentally shot him in the back after the off-duty officer forgot that he had left the loaded .45-caliber pistol under the front seat of this Ford Ranger. The child was not in a safety seat at the time.

Wow, what a system we have! Many guns don't have safeties. This idiot cop should never of been a cop and this lawsuit is so bogus!! Stupid is as stupid does
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