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Really Impressed with the Mossy 590A1...

Hey all,

I stopped in my local shop today, I haven't been in since the madness started so I didn't know what I would see when I got there. Surprisingly they had a pretty good selection, but only a few AR's and only 1 AK. Both priced reasonably. One thing was that they had a BIG SIGN up that was apologizing for the prices of 9mm ammo. They said they couldn't get ANY....ANYWHERE. They had NO FMJ 9mm ammo and this is one of the most popular indoor ranges in the Houston area.

Anyway, one thing I noticed was that they had a great selection of HD shotguns including many Benelli M2's and quite a few Mossy 590's. I had been going back and forth on the 590 and the 870. I have never owned a 590 and the last time I handled one it felt cheap, not very much quality at all. That was many years ago though.

Well today they had about 10 590A1's on the rack and I had to check one out. I handled the 590A1 with the 18.5 inch barrel, Ghost Rings and Speedfeed stock. It was priced at $549.
I was IMPRESSED. This is one SUPER NICE shotgun. The second I got it in my hands I felt like I was handling a quality piece. It was SOLID, not a rattle anywhere, the controls all functioned great and had a great positive feel to them. The slide racking felt and sounded great. After handing it back to them to put back on the rack, I wanted it. Right now I am scheming on how to get it soon. No way would I feel at any kind of disadvantage with that 590A1.

Mossberg must have really stepped up their building and quality. Not to say anything was wrong in the first place, but over the years I have read reports that suggested that maybe they weren't really the BEST choice in shotguns. Well that is FAR from what I handled today.

The only thing that kinda took me by surprise was how much it weighed. It felt really heavy at first. That Speedfeed stock also felt like it was shorter than a normal stock. Is it? If so, I would opt for the standard stock.

Well that's my story. I can see why you Mossy guys and gals are so proud of your shotguns. If I had one I'd be crowing about it too. This one today certainly felt better in the hand than the last 870 that I handled and fooled with.

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