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Originally Posted by Mayhem like Me View Post
You realize they are allowed to disregard traffic laws also while they are working and activate emergency lights, should car manufacturers boycott as well since you can't drive like that when you want to.
I guess you missed the part where they were exempt even while off duty. Cops have a crap job dealing with scumbags on a regular basis I get that. I also get its a really dangerous job. But that's what they signed up for. My cousin is a corrections officer. One of my best friends did undercover stuff. They should have the best equipment available. And then we have the local dept where the former chief just got paroled last December and his son an officer in another local dept is in jail for giving out info on a witness who then got his ass beat. Yeah I know there are good cops and bad cops good citizens and bad citizens but comments like you made make it real hard for us lowly ordinary folks to have much sympathy.
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