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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
Obscure TV Shows You Are Embarrassed To Admit You Enjoyed

I'll get the ball rolling: Father Dowling Mysteries. That is the one where Tom Bosley ( Father from Happy Days) was a priest who solved mysteries. I am also a bit ashamed to admit that I thought his nun assistant was mildly hot. Eric
Yeah she was!

Originally Posted by Adjuster View Post
It was a short date.

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
I loved that show. In fact, that was a great night of TV. Thursday night, there was Riptide at seven, Simon & Simon at eight and Magnum PI at nine. The next day, you had the Incredible Hulk at seven, the Dukes of Hazard at eight and Dallas at nine.

I know entirely too much about TV, don't I? Eric
Someone lived Central or Mountain. Lol

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
Who remembers Sha-Na-Na. My only defense for watching that was that I was a little kid. It was a bonus tat it pissed my dad off every time he saw it on the TV. He could never resist a rant about how 'Guys would have gotten their asses kicked if they dressed like that back then!!!'. Eric
I hated Sha Na Na. Talk about annoying. 7pm on Saturdays. There was also that puppet show in the mid 80s. Same time slot. Puppets in a bar.

Gary Cole also starred in the greatest show that never was: American Gothic. Wrong time to put it out. Good show. Lasted 2 episodes. :(

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Shaun Cassidy. He's so dreamy!
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