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Originally Posted by SpectreRider View Post
You seem to be equating getting married with producing children. While that was once the case, many marriages today produce no children on purpose.

And for more than forty percent of all children born, the parents are not married. That rate is a whopping 72 percent for black women.

A bigger issue might be the differences in productivity as working adults between illegitimate children vs. children born to a married couple. Assuming they work as adults.

You seem to be equating a loss of productivity with the status of one's parents when one is born.

Maybe you meant children who grow up in single or no parent households versus those in a dual parent household.

Even then, you'd still be wrong (on productivity).

Check the statistics for just about any country in Europe, Canada, the USA, Japan, etc. Stark numbers don't lie, but your bias (clear and evident here) will always incline one away from the truth.
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