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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
I am married for life. Creeping up on year 14. I don't ever plan on straying. She was pretty clear that if I did, I would be nailed for alimony and child support. She definately subscribes to the theory, "It's cheaper to keep her."

But, I have no genuine complaints. She takes good care of me. Also, I treat her like a woman, rather than a pest, or an annoyance, or any other such thing.

I am big into the the traditional family. You take care of your lady, you treat her right, and provide the best you can for your family. That is what a man and a father should be.

I have never raised a hand to her, and I never will. I despise any man who would ever raise a hand to to their lady. They have a vulnerability when the give themselves fully to a husband and a family, and that needs to be respected.

All healthy marriages are going to have disagreements and arguments. A husband should know when to stand strong on a principle and when to compromise.

When you have children it changes everything. They are both a joy and a stress.

You know you have to attend to their needs, for which they are not always understanding or greatful. As a father, you are stuck often with being the disciplinarian, because the children become too familiar with their mother to often respect her as they should.

First they start off as vulnerable little babies. The first one is a shock, and something new to figure out all the time, but a joy.

Then they go through stages, potty training, learning the word "No!" and not being able to find a proper boundary for it.

Then they go off to school and start growing like weeds. It is fun when they can read on their own.

As a father you have to temper discipline with mercy and love. A lot of humor helps.

You'll make mistakes. All parents do. You remember the ones your parents made, and try to avoid them, only to make new ones.

The key building block, no matter what the Liberals, the lame stream media, and the incolcation of Liberal Institutions say, is the family unit.

Everything starts for the upcomming generation in the family unit. If you destroy that, you destroy your society.
This, folks.
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