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4 of my friends are married now, 2 more will be by the end of this year. 3 of the 4 are practically different now even tho they were practically married before the "title" was given, the women go from regular female dogs, to pysco you're my "husband, hubby, slave" female dog. The women in these relationships live for this so they can say "my husband" with every sentence they write on Facebook, if cant be (friends name) and I are going to the movies, now it's my husbanddddd yada yada, he's the best husband in the world yada yada vomit. Me and my gf have been dating a few years, I always get annoyed with, "when are you gonna ask her to marry u, shouldn't you be married by now". We live together, do everything any married couple does besides having kids or post gay crap on Facebook, why would I want to waste thousands on a ring then thousands on a wedding then multiple thousands on a divorce?
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