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I have been and am married. Lost my former wife (still the love of my life) to breast cancer after 18 months. Put at least two mountain ranges between myself and one X.

In posts like these, I always relate back to and state my 1st Incontestable Rule:

"There is no such thing as free love, easy money, or happily married."

Says everything I have ever wanted to say about the matter, and yes, you are welcome!

And the above mention of the femminist movement destroying the instutition of marriage is dead on and overwhelmingly correct in every aspect of the matter. In a marriage, women trying to be men is about is successfull as men trying to be women.

Doesn't work in the real world either, and has been a massive defeat of conventional morals, the family in general, and to society as a whole. The proof is there.

Deo Vindice!
We warned you in 1862!

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