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Never been married,not getting married. Period. No I am not bitter and have never been screwed over by a woman. I just don't see the sense.

I have a woman I live with. By all rights she is my wife. We have no legal paperwork but do have an agreement and a promise. We live by two rules. We stay together because we want to and we don't cheat on each other. If either one of us wants to leave the relationship we will make arrangements to separate. If one of cheats the same thing happens. We have a child together that I will support and love til the day I die. However if being with her mother is painful every day,I will move on. Life is too short to live unhappily.

We split the bills and keep all other bills separate. She takes care of the mortgage and I take care of all the other household bills. Most months it comes out close to even but like now in the winter I come out ahead (lower power bill). She owns her car and will always be responsible for her transportation. I do the same. We each have our own saving accounts and retirement plans. Really the only financial disadvantage for me is that although I pay for part of a house I will never be entitled to any equity. Unfortunately she never has had a equity and is lucky not to be severely upside down her house. So I am literally a decade away from equity.
And if I live her forever, equity will not be a concern.

Someday she will wear a diamond ring on her left hand that I give her. I offered to buy her one multiple times but instead she chose to buy a boat and go on vacation multiple times.

These decisions lead me to believe that she is a keeper. Only time will tell. I will never cheat and I don't believe she will. Things aren't perfect but I am happy to see after work each day and still wanna wake up laying beside her in the morning. She appears to feel the same way. If these things change i will move on. Period.
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