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My local range is as busy as can be and always has 1-2 hours of waiting time.
I don't know where they are getting that ammo from.
The store part of the range does sell some target ammo but the prices have gone up about 25% per box.
I'm holding my stash as tight as I can and used to go shooting every week and now go every 2 to 3 weeks.
I do practice more with my air bb guns as I have plenty of pellets and co2 for the pistols.
Some of my air pistols do resemble and handle very much the same as my regular guns including slide actions.
I'm down to about 900 rounds of 9mm and 1200 rounds in .45 acp and will not go below that.
I only go to the range when I can score the ammo for it at a decent price or will not go.
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