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BX-25 mags are frustrating

Ok was out yesterday letting the gf shoot my 10/22 Takedown and took 2 of my BX-25 mags. This was the second time these mags had ever been used, and for awhile there almost every other round was failing to eject leaving behind a mangled spent casing. It malfunctioned for me also and a couple of times at the very end when I tried doing a mag dump. We were using Federal bulk that had just ran 100% reliably in my Buckmark. When we used the stock 10 round mag, even doing a mag dump it functioned perfectly. The first time I tried using these mags the problem was that after the first round was chambered and fired, the next round wouldn't load and would be stuck down in the mag which required a little beating to get it to pop up and this was using Mini Mags. This time that issue never occurred just a ton of failure to ejects. What do you think the problem is? Thus far, I've been severely disappointed in these mags.
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