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Originally Posted by cozmokramer View Post
PhotoFeller... It's the LGS. I'm in SFL as well and Gen 3's are creeping up near $600-649 and Gen 4's are $650-7xx.

Agreed, it's the stores. I was talking with a friend who runs a small gun shop out of his house (mainly builds custom rifles and orders items for a small customer base) and he was saying that Glock hasn't really moved the wholesale price much, if at all. My trip yesterday is a perfect example.

CTD was selling the Gen 4 G21 for $759 (which is over $100 more than they had it priced a month ago). I drove 5 mins down the road to Cabela's, who had no new Glocks in stock but had about 6 used Gen 2 and 3 G21's, the cheapest was $549 and all of them only had 1 mag. I drove 10 mins down 75 to Plano and bought a new Gen 4 G21 with 3 mags for $629 from Gun Gear to Go.

It's amazing to me that the stores engaging in this price gouging practice don't think people will remember this when the market gets stable again. I will never buy anything from CTD again and I won't buy a firearm from Cabela's either.
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